Consulting Forester Experience

Activities generally associated with, but not limited to, my work as a consulting forester:

  1. Contract timber appraisal – Locate and evaluate standing or missing timber for private and/or industrial clients.
  2. Handle timber sales – Evaluate standing timber, mark cutting boundaries, mark individual trees as required, advertise, conduct pre-sale information trips on subject tract, examine bids for acceptance or rejection, compliance inspections during harvesting operations, and distribute funds as necessary for private landowners.
  3. Expert witness testimony – Available for court testimony in cases related, but not limited to, timber trespass or theft, age and condition of individual trees or stands of timber, and customary conduct of business in southeastern U.S. timber industry.
  4. Supervise site preparation and tree planting operations – Obtain bids from selected contractors, inspect for contract compliance and performance while subject activities are underway, and report as necessary to client