Saw Topics,Fees, & Considerations


   Discuss physical and mental fitness requirements

    Personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements

    Hazard and risk recognition evaluation, and control relative to both worksite and individual trees

    Emergency medical procedures

    Chainsaw maintenance involving power head, chain, and guide bar

    Approved safe saw handling techniques

   Elements of safe falling plan

    Approved safe undercuts and back cuts with wedges

    Approved safe limbing techniques

    Approved safe bucking techniques

Fees & Considerations

  • Fees:     negotiable
  • Fixed costs :   meals, lodging, and mileage($.50/mile)
  • Classroom:  8 hours, unlimited number of participants
  • Sponsor provides classroom and light lunch
  • Instructor  provides workbook and course certificate
  • Field Exercise:  (8 students maximum)
  • Sponsor provides suitable site and drinking water
  • Instructor provides leg, hand, ear and eye protection, chainsaws, tools, fuel, oil, and any other related materials
  • Student provides health insurance, suitable work clothing, leather gloves and boots
  • Student signs liability waiver